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Leading in a Digital World

Do you remember an earlier time, a world of political and economic upheaval? No, not last week… think 1983. A world where phone and fax were still cutting edge technology (and it was only 38 degrees in Dubai not Dartford).

We live in a world where the challenge, opportunity and speed of technology exceed the human ability to deal with it. But are we resigned to be like the dinosaurs and fail to adapt, or can we gather and develop the knowledge (and attitude) we need and equip ourselves to be ready and able to deal with the disruption ahead?

We ought to be excited about the benefits and potential of the new order but the onus is on leaders to make change and set examples. We too often come up against the lack of familiarity, lack of competence and lack of agility of working with digital, higher up the leadership scale. 

Should we be excited? Concerned? Expectant?

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