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  • From Nightmare to Nirvana - An ICT survival guide for trustees - download
  • Making More Impact With Your Funds (a briefing for funders) - download
  • Using ICT to Improve Your Monitoring and Evaluation - purchase


  • Making Change Happen - link
  • Implementing A Database – Practical And Strategic Issues - link
  • The Organisational Benefits Of Training And How To Get Them - link
  • Databases in the Voluntary Sector - link
  • Website Disclaimers – Why Have Them And What Should You Include? - link
  • Ethics and ICT - link


  • Building the Foundations of Your Organisation's ICT (the 36 Aspects of ICT Planning) - link


  • Bringing the Benefits of Technology to Your Organisation (Microsoft, Britain Works) - link

In an earlier life...


  • The rapid identification of intact microorganisms using mass spectrometry (Nature Biotechnology, 1996) - link
  • Tandem mass spectrometry of aminated fullerene derivatives (1993) - link
  • Analysis of Bacitracin B using fast atom bombardment and tandem mass spectrometry (1993) - link



Change management - Switch (Heath Brothers)

Change management - Change Anything (Patterson et al)

Change management - Six Keys to Changing Almost Anything (Tony Schwartz)

The Change Curve