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 Empowering, enabling, educating... empathically.

"I lead projects. I take an idea and turn it into a plan and then build a small team to make it happen and get on with it.

Most of my work is with young people or technology. Sometimes both.

Big picture and attention to detail - it gets me out of bed in the morning and gives me a reason for living.

Think of me as a catalyst and a lighter of fires. I want the world to be a better place for me being in it." 

Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.


My Value as a Consultant

Ability to reflect - on the outside looking in

Outside the internal politics - independent, open, trustworthy

Experience from other past projects - blueprints and tools, what works and what doesn't

Ideas and learning from current work - innovate and ideas

Network outside this current organisation, project and challenge - wider team and eureka moments

Drive to optimise not repair - make breakthroughs and impacts not just simple fixes

Coaching skills - support people, facilitate change, understand concerns

Passion and values - make a difference c.f. do the job

Leave a sustainable legacy - always trying to put myself out of a job


I'm not at my best when...

Working for a faceless bureaucrat - I need to know and respect who I am working for and know that my contribution and the project matter

People go through the motions - I need my teams to care (or explain why not) and my sponsor to be committed

There's no point/impact to what I'm doing or investing time and effort in - I need to see the value and emotionally connect

There's a lack of trust/engagement and people rely on hierarchy not open conversations