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Thoughts for the Access to Justice Sector (via the Cote d'Azur)

OK, it's time I stopped sitting on the fence. I'm getting splinters in my butt and I don't like that feeling...

Whilst enjoying the sunshine and joie de vivre of the South of France, I jotted some thoughts about my three and a half years working around access to justice and advice charities. So here it is. If you're of a sensitive nature, look away now.
  1. Let’s stop asking people who aren’t good at something to lead projects they don’t want to do
  2. Change takes time and effort - you don’t get over the chasm just by pretending it's not there and if you try and jump without a plan you might break your ankle in the process
  3. Technology itself isn’t complicated but it’s application to real world environments and the people within those makes it more challenging than the plan suggests
  4. Know what you want and prepare - learning by doing is fine but screwing up by failing to plan at all is not

One final thought - be mindful of who you are training to do what. You wouldn’t teach a fish to ride a bicycle.

Would you?

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