It may be easy but is it right?
Friday, August 2, 2019 at 1:41PM
Dr Simon Davey
Sometimes the idea someone can take something off our plate feels such a relief. One less thing for us and job done box ticked. But what if they’re the wrong people to do it and you’re speeding along with the wrong partner down the wrong road?

In these days of agile, there’s a temptation to get on with it regardless. We have a human need to see progress and let’s face it there is far too much prevarication and procrastination in the world. But just as you need to be driving in the right direction when you put your foot on the accelerator, so you need to be clear about your strategic direction, objectives and milestones before you launch into project activity.

The tech (and increasingly) the data world is full of snake oil salesmen (and saleswomen). They charm, they promise, they may even convince. They might talk you into something you didn’t realise you had agreed to. They offer to take problems off your hands, point to previous (often dubious) experience, offer a way out of your current predicament.

They make it sound so easy. But is it right?

Is it right for you? For the project? For the organisational values and most importantly for the mission you serve?

Taking an aspirin to solve the pain is pretty useless if you’re having a full on heart attack. Getting the wrong people to ‘help’ can be equally disastrous - short term pain relief but it may kill off something really important. You and your most important question.

So think twice when someone offers to do something you didn’t ask them to do and it doesn’t ‘quite’ fit the need, especially so if they also want you to pay a large bill and for them to retain all the credit. 
And that bright shiny toy you’ve just ‘invested’ in? Guess what, the ‘kids’ will get bored of it really quickly, won’t thank you for it, and you’ve just wasted money you didn’t have.

So is it time you stepped up and acted like a parent? (A leader?) Stopped trying to be popular, stopped trying to be liked by everyone and taking the risky shortcuts?  Thought more medium term? Lead your organisation like you would bring up a child in an increasingly challenging world?

When someone tempts you... Just think twice.  Easy maybe, but is it right?
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