Does property matter to voluntary organisations? Yes - for better and more cost effective services
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 10:45AM
Dr Simon Davey
It's just a building right? A place where you do stuff... It looks after itself, mostly... I don't have to think about it... Until it goes wrong...

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Not convinced? Read on... No, please do.

Such were my - inaccurate - perceptions of 'property' (aka buildings and land) before I was asked to get involved in transforming online property education for the charity sector.

The horror stories are chilling.
Did you know:

  • 58% of voluntary groups  find difficulty in sourcing property funding
  • One third of charities feel that a lack of space is holding them back from delivering effective services
  • 43% have experienced unforeseen property costs
  • 45% feel that property is the biggest risk to their organisation
  • Property is, after people, the biggest way voluntary groups deliver for their cause. So rather than just panic or ignore it, how about you get involved in our survey of what charities and community groups might need from property information and advice online. It's here and it will only take you ten minutes to complete - less than the time you would spend finding an emergency plumber or swooning from an outrageous solicitors bill. Thanks. We will make this better.

    Take our survey and help improve property education (and property)
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